Making payments

Broadcasting licence fees and datacasting charge

Broadcasting licence fees (BLF) ePort account

Register for and access your account

  1. Obtain an AUSkey from the Australian Business Register at:

  2. Read the Terms and conditions of use

  3. Complete and submit the Authorised contact registration form

  4. Check that your system meets the required standards below

  5. Before logging in for the first time please phone us for your individual ‘one time token’.

  6. Go to the broadcasting licence fees page and click on the ‘Log in’ button. You will be asked to enter your AUSkey details and then a second window will ask for your ‘one time token’ details. This will link your AUSkey and BLF Account.

  7. Next time you log in, you will only be asked to enter your AUSkey details to access your Account.

Terms and conditions of use

By using ePort you are accepting the Terms and conditions of use. These Terms and conditions of use apply in addition to the terms and conditions of the Australian Business Register regarding the use of AUSkey.

Change your account

You may also use the Authorised contact registration form to advise us of changes that affect your account such as:

  1. Contact details change, e.g. address or phone number

  2. Your position or association with the organisation for which you are an authorised contact changes

  3. A contact is no longer authorised to access the organisation’s information, for example when an employee leaves the organisation

  4. You require access to additional services or want to remove those that you no longer require

System requirements

The ePort system supports Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.0 and above.

While other browsers may work, those listed above have been tested and are supported.

To ensure the full functionality of the ePort you need to set your browser to allow Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), cookies and JavaScript. Refer to your browser’s help function to find out how to change settings.

Last updated: 07 September 2015

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