2013 ACMA speeches

This page contains links to download transcripts and presentations from ACMA speeches given in 2013. All speeches are listed in reverse chronological order.

October 2013ICT Applications Powering the Digital Society – Protecting Consumers (Citizens)—speech by Chris Chapman, ACMA Chairman to the ITU APac Regulatory Roundtable, Seoul (Web page)

8 October 2013Putting the spotlight on mobile network performance—speech by Richard Bean, Deputy Chair ACMA to the CommsDay Congress, Melbourne, 8 October 2013 (Web page)

7 October 2013International cooperation: is it achievable?—speech by ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman to the IIC International Regulators Forum, London October 2013 (Web page)

2 October 2013Radcomms 2013: 4G and beyond—speech by ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman, at the Radcomms 2013 conference, 2 October 2013 (Web page)

25 July 2013Walking the talk—The co-regulatory and self-regulatory framework in a dynamically changing environment, and coming challenges—speech by ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman, at the Communications Alliance - Comms Essentials seminar, 25 July 2013 (Web page)

2 July 2013—Launch of Data Sovereignty and the Cloud—a Board and Executive Officers’ GuideOpening remarks by ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman (Web page)

24 June 2013—Parliamentary Inquiry into Spectrum for Public Safety Mobile Broadband—Opening statement by Chris Cheah, ACMA Member (Web page | Download PDF | Download Word [.doc])

24 June 2013Connected citizens—a regulatory strategy—speech by ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman to the Ericsson Broadband for All seminar, Stockholm, Sweden
(Web page | Download Word [doc] )

6 June 2013Classification and the time-shifted audience—speech by ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman to the Citizen conversations series on broadcasting codes, Sydney
(Web page | Download PDF | Download Word [.doc])

18 April 2013Media and morals—speech by Jennifer McNeill, General Manager Content, Consumer and Citizen Division, ACMA to ACU Voices (Web page)

10 April 2013—speech by ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman to the CommsDay Congress, Sydney
(Download PDF | Download Word [.doc])

19 March 2013Learning from experience: Young Australians and social media—presentation to the 6th World Congress on Family Law and Children's Rights, Sydney
(Download Powerpoint presentation [4.3mb zipped])

13 March 2013The Australian Communications and Media Authority and the Public Safety Sector—speech by ACMA Authority Member Chris Cheah to The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Australasia 10th Annual Conference, Adelaide
(Web page | Download PDFDownload Word [.doc])

25–27 February 2013The power of the Asia–Pacific region uniting under a harmonised spectrum plan—speech by ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman to the 2013 GSMA Ministerial Program
(Download Word [.doc])

27 February 2013ACMA update—speech by ACMA Deputy Chair Richard Bean to the Australian Broadcasting Summit, Sydney
(Download Word [.doc])

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