Aussie teens online § Refers to researching products, excluding transactional activities. † Includes checking balances, viewing statements, checking/applying for financial products, checking home loan rates, locating ATMs. Base: People aged 14 to 17 years. Source: Unless indicated otherwise, data is sourced from Roy Morgan Single Source, December 2013. Making the connection: Teenagers are going online any way they can. Entertainment 77% use a mobile phone 87% use a computer 72% use a tablet. Communication 62% use a mobile phone 83% use a computer 51% use a tablet. Research and info 42% use a mobile phone 61% use a computer 35% use a tablet. Browsing and surfing 42% use a mobile phone 51% use a computer 46% use a tablet. Blogs and online communities 58% use a mobile phone 48% use a computer 50% use a tablet. Buying and selling (non-transactional) § 12% use a mobile phone 26% use a computer 12% use a tablet. Buying and selling (transactional) 6% use a mobile phone 14% use a computer 4% use a tablet. Banking and finance (non-transactional) † 12% use a mobile phone 14% use a computer 13% use a tablet. Banking and finance (transactional) 7% use a mobile phone 11% use a computer 4% use a tablet. It’s not all fun and games: Entertainment is the most popular online activity for teenagers—but what else are they doing? 9 in 10—entertainment 8.5 in 10—communication 6 in 10—research and info 5.5 in 10—browsing and surfing 5 in 10—blogs and online communities 2.5 in 10—buying and selling (non-transactional§) 2 in 10—banking and finance (non-transactional†) 1.5 in 10—buying and selling (transactional) 1 in 10—banking and finance (transactional) Time online: Average time spent viewing online channels (hh:mm): 03:04—time spent on YouTube 02:27—time spent on Facebook 02:25—time spent on Skype 01:35—time spent on Tumblr 01:25—time spent on Microsoft—Source: Nielsen Online Ratings, December 2013. Note: Data covers internet browser use across all types of devices. Data does not include accessing online services via apps. Online channel surfing: Top 5 online channels Percentage of teenagers who visit online channels 77% visit Google 53% visit Facebook 50% visit YouTube 49% visit Mi9 39% visit Microsoft Online at any time: The frequency of teenagers going online is increasing— 72% go online more than once a day. December 2009—47% December 2010—60% December 2011—59% December 2012—67% December 2013—72%  Anywhere, any way: 9 in 10 teenagers have internet access in the home. Nearly 100% with a home internet connection have broadband. 74% use a desktop or laptop computer to go online. 23% go online with a tablet. 69% of teenagers with a mobile phone used a smartphone. 56% use their mobile phone to go online. Aussie teens online: Aussie teens go online in many ways and at any time. But they’re not just surfing the web—the internet is a serious business at any age. Teenagers—kids aged 14 to 17— are active players in Australia’s—digital economy. Research acma: Evidence that informs ACMA logo

Last updated: 03 July 2014

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