Update to Foreign Space Objects Determination

Consultation closes: 18 August 2017

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The ACMA received two submissions to this consultation—these can be accessed from the right hand side index box. The ACMA is reviewing submissions.


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Draft Radiocommunications (Foreign Space Objects) Amendment Determination 2017 (No. 1)

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Executive summary

The ACMA is seeking comment on the proposed inclusion of ‘Network Access Associates Ltd (incorporated in the United Kingdom)’ in Schedule 1 of the Radiocommunications (Foreign Space Objects) Determination 2014.

Owners, controllers or operators of foreign space objects listed in Schedule 1 of the Determination are able to apply for a radiocommunication apparatus licence that authorises communications between space stations and earth stations in frequency bands identified in the Radiocommunications (Communication with Space Object) Class Licence 2015.

The inclusion in the determination does not confer a right to have a licence or operate in all frequency bands identified in the class licence, but facilitates the ACMA considering applications to issue licences for such services. Compatibility with existing services is assessed (as is standard practice) in the licensing process.

Issue for comment

Opportunity to provide feedback

The ACMA welcomes comments from stakeholders on the proposed amendment to Radiocommunications (Foreign Space Objects) Determination 2015 to include ‘Network Access Associates Ltd (incorporated in the United Kingdom)’ in Schedule 1 of the determination.

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